Unique handbags

Michelle Reine makes every handbag with hand-craft. Each design gets individual attention to make every part of the handbag perfect. This way she can deliver the best quality and continue to perfect the art of this craftsmanship. A handmade product is always made with love, a lot of ambition and positive energy. Next to that, part of the collection exists of rest leather from the fashion industry. Leather that is no longer used, leather that the industry rejects or damaged leather. Those pieces of leather come from Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior or other big fashion brands. The quality of the leather is 100% perfect and it’s a waste to not use those pieces of leather. For a handbag designer, it is easy to cut the beautiful parts of the rest leather and use this to create a handbag.

The accessory designer

The designs from Michelle Reine are very colourful and elegant. She loves eye-catchers in an outfit and likes to make a statement with a colourful handbag. The inspiration comes from different directions. Michelle has a big passion for visual arts and these artworks influence her designs. She’s also inspired by all types of leathers and loves to use them to create form and shape.

Michelle Reine is born and raised in The Hague, The Netherlands. During her secondary school, she studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. After graduation she started her Bachelor of Arts at Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam. During the study at the Willem de Kooning Academy, Michelle Reine was an accessory designer who was fascinated by cultural traditions, symbolism and rituals. She focussed on these concepts whilst designing bags, hats and jewelry, and combines them with demographics to create new contemporary designs. After her graduation she further developed herself by specializing in the craftsmanship of handbag design in a small atelier by Roos van Put and graduated as a Master Handbag Designer.

Real leather

Another important topic is about the leather itself. Leather comes from the skin of animals and will not be made. It has grown: a natural product with all its strangeness and nuances. The production process got various editing courses. Before the leathers can be used, the leather will be tanned. After this process, the skin has almost unlimited shelf life. It is also possible the leather is dyed. Leather is a natural product, so please keep in mind, it can contain small imperfections, such as stretch marks, scars and irregularities in colour. These are not flaws, but show the authenticity of the leather. They are part of its charms. For protected species (such as certain species of snakes and all crocodilians) apply rules over property. We do not use real crocodile or snake leather. The print is crafted in crocodile or snake
embossed leather.