Michelle Reine – Handbag Design Studio would like to give you an impression behind the scenes. Michelle strives for high quality products at an affordable price. One of the ways to achieve that is to continuously develop the craftsmanship and to understand the material. We only use hides of European origin (which are never exotic) that we buy at Dutch leather suppliers. Craftsmanship is Michelle’s number one factor. Making a handbag is an art form that is made with ambition and passion. Every step in the process gets individual attention to make the best handbag for you.

Where are the bags made?

Every handbag is handcrafted by Michelle Reine herself. She has a small atelier in The Hague, The Netherlands. Michelle’s vision is to make handbags of high quality in a traditional way. The real craftsmanship shows appreciation in the product and because they are handcrafted, it’s not possible to make huge quantities. This is the reason why Michelle doesn’t work seasonally.


The most important part of our bags is the leather itself. It contributes to high quality of handmade, artisan products.

Michelle’s starting point is to work as much as possible with residual leather from big fashion brands. By using the leftovers she contributes to the prevention of waste. Unfortunately, these pieces of leather are not always available, so we also work with European hides. We use hides that derive from the food industry as a by-product of dairy and meat industries only. The cowhide and calf leather are mostly of Italian origin. It complies with EU regulations, meeting the strict environmental guidelines in the industry for every aspect of the production process.

What makes a MICHELLE REINE bag so special?

The handbags are handcrafted. The process needs patience, focus and a lot of (positive) energy. The craftsmanship is the key to a product that everybody appreciates.  

Some of the handbags are ‘one of a kind’. The reason for this are the pieces leather Michelle works with. Most of the leather are leftovers from big fashion brands. It is possible to make one or two handbags from a piece of leather.

The designs of Michelle Reine are timeless and the eye catcher to your outfit!